The good of to good to be true

When late on a Saturday evening you come across an offer that seems like 
it may be too good to be true, every bone in your body cries out against taking the offer.
eGadgets redefined the stereo types by not only honoring the offer, 
but doing it promptly and efficiently.
From before lockdown, I have been browsing on-line shops to obtain a Moov activity tracker.
It seemed like the most appropriate and affordable device for a para triathlete to use in competition.
When recently I was allowed a spot in the Central Gauteng team to compete in the SA Championships, I prayed for a miracle. 
On Saturday evening the 6th March at around 19:00 I browsed once again in anticipation.
An offer from eGadgets at R 699.00 caught my eye.
Unsponsored para athletes have to count coins when spending from own funds.
Needless to say, at less than half of what cheap offers have been, I was intrigued. 
Without exception on-line shops used low priced offers on the Moov activity Tracker as a teaser to entice one to enter their shops to transact, only to be disappointed due to lack of stock. 
This time the offer was so good I had hoped it would be a true answer to my prayers.
With hesitation I transferred the last one in stock into my shopping cart, after registering as a new eGadgets customer.
While contemplating if I should proceed and make the payment, a WhatsApp assistant option appeared.
I completed the online request for assistance hoping to gain time to make up my mind.
To my surprise I received a reply at 22:37 that same Saturday evening.
Yes they have stock : “the last one though”
All alarm bells rang, I checked reviews, reports, but finally made payment, with a degree of doubt in my mind.
I found solace in the fact that I received the usual confirmation e mails at 22:53 that evening. 
By now doubt faded, replaced by a good feeling of experiencing the reality of a 24hours trading notice.
On Monday, upon my still skeptical request, I was informed that the item will be shipped by Tuesday.
Tuesday borne a message that Courier Guys were to deliver the package by the following day.
And so it happened, on Wednesday morning I was the, by now humbled, owner of a Moov activity tracker, no strings attached.
A surprise additional gift humbled me even further.

Come the SA championships on Sunday 21 March my arm will be adorned with the Moov and my performance be tracked by it.

Thank you eGadgets and so to Moov too.
It was indeed a case of the truth of it so good that it became true.    

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